The band


RECOVERY are Mattias Verona (vocals, guitar), Peter Klum (vocals, drums), Christer Wigren (bass, vocals) and Gustav Tolt (Keyboards, guitar, vocals). Together we have over 50 years experience in playing in different bands. With experience and by utilizing modern technology we sound professional at all times. In RECOVERY we use no backtrack or harmonizers - everything is 100% LIVE !!!.
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Mattias Verona (vocals, guitar)

Mattias has been playing guitar for 30 years and has previously played in cover bands that ANB and TAPO. When you contact RECOVERY it is usually Mattias who answers.

Peter Klum (vocals, drums)

Peter has played guitar, bass and singing for over 30 years and has previously played in the bands Lazer (pop-rock-punk), Blackbird (Southern Rock), De Facto (luxury-rock) and in Linköping the cover band Itchy Feet. In RECOVERY he plays drums and sings. In addition to punching the drums, he is also responsible for the graphic profile of RECOVERY and the technique.

Christer Wigren (bass, vocals)

In addition to playing bass Christer plays oboe (!?) and classical guitar. We got Christer to shear his fingerpicking-nails and to invest in the bass guitar, and suddenly he was standing there with two new Yamaha basses - when Christer bet he does it properly! In the vocal register is Christer tenor, but not so often.

Gustav Tolt (keyboards, guitar, vocals)

Gustav has been playing piano and keyboards for over 30 years and thrown out uncontrollably between all possible genres - blues, classical, big band jazz, funk, rock and roll, dance, disco, buttery ballads, melodic hard rock and surely some. He has played in a bunch of constellations over the years, including cover bands Solid, Superstringers, Blueberrys, Disco Fever, and Party Pack. Recently, Gustav increasingly gone over to play the organ (think nice distorted Hammond and Leslie speaker!). In RECOVERY, he plays on his beautiful red Nord keyboard and sings. Gustav is in addition, the band's official chords police.


Advanced technical solutions for the perfect sound

RECOVERY utilizes advanced technologies such as digital mixing, guitar amp simulation and MIDI control to guarantee a perfect sound from the stage with a customizable volume.

We use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) as the hub for our sound generation. By connecting the equipment to a multi-channel sound card and mix the sound digitally, we have a sound that is easy to reproduce. We also use the guitar amp simulation where we control the guitar / bass amplifiers and choose the sounds we want using MIDI pedals. With digital drums and sampled drum sounds (EZdrummer 2) we have a perfect sound and a compact equipment that is easy to set up, where we rarely have sound-check for long and where we avoid feedback and easily adjust the volume. The figure below shows the simplified components of our sound system.