The band


Recovery are: Carola Ottosson (vocals), Christer Wigren (bass, vocals), Gustav Tolt (keyboard, vocals), Mattias Verona (guitar, vocals) and Peter Klum (drums, vocals).
Together, we have over 150 years of experience playing music. With a broad and expanding repertoire, Recovery will make any party more entertaining. Recovery never uses pre recorded backtracks. Everything is 100% live and still sounds professional every time.

Our ambition is always that it should be fun to let Recovery entertain, and we aim to keep the spirit up in between songs as well. We also offer music quizzes and the possibility to perform karaoke with the band. Read more at We offer.

Carola Ottosson (vocals)

Carola started early, entering talent shows with sisters and friends, and has been singing in choirs, various bands and, as a solo artist, in churches. Through the years, Carola and her sister have been entertaining in countless festivities and in her trio The Eversounds, she has been singing various hits from past decades. Now she can be found with a wireless microphone in front of Recovery.

Christer Wigren (bass, vocals)

Christer is the bass player who early on mostly played classical guitar and oboe (we are not kidding!). The other members of Recovery made him cut his finger picking nails to lift the bass career, and all of the sudden he appeared with two new six string basses and probably the most lit effect pedal in the world. Christer is a true tenor, and when we are playing AC/DC, Christer is the obvious choice to do lead vocals.

Gustav Tolt (keyboard, vocals)

Gustav has been playing piano since he was eight years old and has pursued blues, classical, jazz, rock’n’roll, dance music and probably a few more genres. He has great experience playing live as the keyboard player of many bands and likes to produce and write his own music in his cellar. In Recovery, he hides between two keyboards and contributes with as many choir harmonies as he can. Gustav is the band's official chord police and has many ideas on how songs should be arranged.

Mattias Verona (guitar, vocals)

Mattias has been playing guitar for nearly 40 years and has previously played in cover bands as ANB and TAPO. He is most comfortable with rock and blues music, and also has been known to play the harmonica. Besides playing the guitar, Mattias likes to sing lead in softer songs and is usually responsible for the lower harmonies. When you contact Recovery, you will probably be speaking to Mattias.

Peter Klum (drums, vocals)

Peter has been singing and playing guitar for over 40 years and have previously fronted bands as Lazer (pop-rock-punk), Blackbird (southern rock), De Facto (luxury rock) and the Linköping cover band Itchy Feet. In Recovery, this multi instrumentalist plays drums and sings. Besides keeping the tempo and singing lead in many songs, Peter is responsible for Recovery’s graphic profile and is in charge of everything technical. (Did we mention Peter also plays the mandolin?)

The sound

If you open the lid of RECOVERY's equipment, you will find modern and luxurious technology being used an ingenious way to always create the right sound regardless of genre.
Everyone in the band likes to sing, which is not least noticeable in many choruses where several choirs contribute to make the sound even more awesome.
We are happy to bring our own PA equipment to be sure that it sounds as good as possible no matter where and what RECOVERY plays.